Saturday, September 14, 2013

ROV JASON Piloting

Today is overcast and warm, with surprisingly flat seas- there is very little wind and for long periods of the day the water was so flat, some folks referred to it as “glassy”

Science Update:

Today’s Objectives: 1) Continue with ROV Jason dive J2-730 the “Pressure Dive” – 5 days on the ocean floor to collect pressure data on a circuit of 10 Pressure Benchmarks (green dots on map at right) – in progress!

Jason Pilots at Work
The ROV Jason team on board R/V Thompson is part of a larger group of electrical and mechanical engineers, computer scientists and technicians responsible for the operation, safety and maintenance of the submersible (see photo below left).

Recently, during the “Pressure Dive” we captured one of the pilots at work placing the pressure sensors on a benchmark so that measurements could be taken as part of the circuit of sites. Check out the video below for an introduction to piloting the ROV Jason and to see pilot Tito Collasius at work.

Below is an image of the payload basket of the ROV Jason just prior to a launch. The basket pulls out for easy access before, during and after a dive (photo below right), but slides back in to stay out of the way when Jason’s arms are at work on other tasks.

For more information on the ROV Jason – Medea team, see the blog entry of Saturday September 7.